Is my accommodation ready, safe and fit to accommodate paying guests? 

Love B&B requires that all our hosts comply with the latest fire, smoke, gas and health and safety regulations as stipulated by their local authority. Also all Love B&B accommodation is required to be registered with the local authority to accept paying guests.


What should I do if I don’t get a reply from the host/owner? 

For general messages you should allow the owner the time they say they will take to respond on their profile page. For booking requests the host has 24 hours to get back to you, after that your booking request and payment will be automatically and immediately refunded.


How do I contact the host/owner? 

Always use the secure Love B&B message system and never send direct emails. You should never give out any personal or contact details such as email addresses, postal addresses, bank details of any kind especially passwords or PIN numbers otherwise we cannot guarantee your online security. 


How do I contact Love B&B? 

You can contact us via sending a message, writing to us or phoning us using any of the contact details on our contact page or by using the contact us link.


My booking request was declined. When will I get my money back? 

Any deposit you've paid will be refunded immediately.


Why can’t I find my listing in the search results? 

Check your search filters to make sure the ones you’e entered such as number of guests, number of rooms, price filter etc. match those of your accommodation exactly. If you’ve entered any dates make sure your accommodation is available on those dates. 


When will I get my security deposit back if I’ve paid one? 

Your host will return this to you when you check-out.


What do I do if something's not working on my listing?

It’s most likely a browser issue. We recommend using the most current versions of Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. Upgrading your browser should fix any glitches.


How do I leave a review on Love B&B? 

When you have checked out you will be able to leave feedback/review your stay on the host’s profile page. We recommend that you do this and be fair, reasonable and honest about the experience you’ve had. 


How do I know my booking is safe and legitimate? 

All the payments we take on the site are handled via the secure Stripe payment platform. Your booking deposit payment is held by Love B&B on your behalf and not released to the host until 24 hours after you check-in. This gives peace of mind and enables any unlikely issues to be settled quickly and easily.


How do I contact the owner/manager to inquire and book? 

It’s very simple to contact the host to either send a message or to make a booking using either the 'Send a message' or 'Book it' bottoms provided on the accommodation listing page or the member's profile page.


How do I change my email address details? 

Sign in and go to Account where you can change the email address linked to your account using the link.


When do I get paid? 

Hosts/owners receive the booking deposit 24 hours after the check-in date. The remaining balance is collected from the guests directly either when they arrive or when they check-out.


Do hosts pay any fees to Love B&B?

LoveBnB charges a commission of 10% plus vat for the use of it's platform and it's services. This is deducted from the guests booking fee when payment is taken from the guest.

What fees do guests pay?

Love B&B is completely free for travellers and guests to search and book accomodation. The price shown on the LoveBnB website is the price paid by the guests with no extras or service charges.

How do I cancel my booking?
To cancel a booking for both hosts and guests click the Cancel button which for guests this is located under account > my trips tab and for hosts it’s under account > reservations tab. Hosts should only cancel a guest's booking if there is absolutely no alternative as doing so will cause the guest considerable inconvenience and probable financial loss. Hosts will receive a red mark on their Love B&B profile and will be given the chance to write an explanation which will be displayed next to the red cancellation marker. 
I’m a guest - should I take out separate travel insurance?
Read and get to know the cancellation policy which applies to your stay and if you feel this doesn’t financially cover your trip sufficiently in the event of cancelling your trip for any reason, we advise you seek independent reputable travel insurance for extra peace of mind. If the hosts cancels for any reason and at any time you will receive a full refund of all fees paid.
I’m a host - how can I feel safe about my guests? 
Look to see if users have verified contact details and if they don’t you can request them to or stipulate on your listing that you only accomodate verified guests. Check their connected social networks and references and be sure to read any reviews left by other Love B&B users.
I’m a host - should I ask for a security deposit?
Whether you ask for a security deposit and how much you ask for will depend on your own position and feelings. It will depend to a large extent on your accomodation  and contents insurance and what is covered against loss and damages. Does your policy have an excess, and if so how much. Also consider your own thoughts about what you would want guests to pay for should any accidental, or otherwise, damages occur.

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